PS 290 Manhattan New School

2021 National Blue Ribbon School Profile


Welcome to the MNS Afterschool Program!  The Afterschool program allows your children to experience new activities, develop self-confidence, improve their social skills and make lasting memories. The fall term runs from September to January and the spring term runs from January to June. We will be offering more than 50 courses for grades K-5 taught by MNS teachers and professional partners covering a variety of interests.  The enthusiasm for the program by the MNS community has been overwhelming. I am happy to say that favorite classes and instructors from previous terms are returning and that we are adding new classes as well.  

The activity portion of the program runs from 3-5PM.  After dismissal from their classroom and from approximately 2:30-2:55, the children have a PEANUT FREE snack (brought from home), go to the bathroom, and engage calmly in the café.  This is a transition period focused on creating a feeling of safety and inclusion for all children. Most days we give the children supervised play time in the outside yard; please dress your child appropriately for outside fresh air!  At 3 PM your child's instructor will escort them to the location of their activity and the fun begins!  Dismissal runs from 5-5:30 PM in the café.  Please be on time when picking up your child.  Parents and caregivers MUST sign the attendance roster in order to pick up the child.  No child will be able to self-dismiss without prior written permission.

I am looking forward to enrolling existing and new students to the program. By choosing this program as your child's after school option, you are helping to support MNS. All proceeds earned by Afterschool go directly back to the PTA to fund the programs that enhance your child's academic day.  My aim is to make the Afterschool program an extension of the school community that we all hold so dear. Respect and kindness are expected from all students and staff members.

All classes are filled on a first come, first served basis in order to guarantee fairness to all.

I want to thank the MNS PTA and Doreen, Amy and all MNS staff members for their continued support of the Afterschool Program as I strive to make it an enriching, fun, safe experience for all.  To those parents and children who already participate in the program…….thank you!



Felicia Weisberg

After School Director

Would you like to make a donation of needed supplies for the After School program?  Click here for the After School Wish List...