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About Our Students

Manhattan New School (MNS), P.S. 290, is a true community of learners as evidenced by our rigorous academics and the dynamic relationship between students, teachers, administrators, staff and families. The essence of our philosophy is to encourage a child’s natural curiosity, to develop a commitment to lifelong learning and to promote social responsibility as global citizens. This climate of academic dedication, respect and understanding contributes to the vibrant learning community that is our school. 
Classrooms are literate environments with an abundance of books that support the development and love of reading, writing, questioning and the sharing of ideas. The richness of our curriculum in social studies, science, the arts and technology, further opens doors into literacy and creates a foundation for a lifetime of critical thinking. MNS students learn mathematical concepts and number methods that enable them to become true problem solvers. They can speak clearly and descriptively as they reason quantitatively. Our students learn to think of themselves as readers, writers, mathematicians and researchers. 
The experience at MNS provides a foundation, preparing students to take their place as contributing citizens of the world. 

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