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What do I do if my child will be missing school?

To learn how to report an absence, click here.
To pick your child up early, parents and caregivers must come to the main office, room 204, to sign them out. Please also let their teacher know in advance.

How do I get a MNS ID card for caregivers?

Each MNS family received 3 personalized ID cards that are required to enter the school or the yards. 

Please contact Nancy at if you haven't received your 3 cards. 

How can I get in touch with my child's teacher, any of the staff members, or the principal?

Please click here for our staff directory.

Keep in mind, when meeting with anyone here at school, you must first come to the main office, room 204 to sign in. Never go directly to the classroom. Thank you for your cooperation!

What are the school tour dates?

School tours are held monthly from October through January.  

Click here to learn how to register. Please email Nancy at with questions.


How can I enroll my child in PS 290?

Please click here for information on admissions and learn how to register.

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