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School begins promptly at 8:20am. All students are expected to arrive at school in time to line-up no later than 8:15am in their assigned locations. Locations are assigned by grade and parents are informed before school starts as to where their children need to be and at what time.

Dismissal starts at 2:40pm and is in intervals by grade.

Strollers, bikes, scooters or pets are not allowed in the backyards or school building.

Arrival / Dismissal in Inclement Weather 

On days when it is rainy, too cold or snowy, there will be no outdoor arrival in the schoolyards. All children will arrive in the Café via the First Avenue door and wait for their teachers for pick-up.


Adult caregivers will not be allowed to enter the Café. Assigned staff will assist students who need support in removing rainy-day gear. Dismissal procedures are not modified. They remain the same as usual on inclement days. 

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